Sunday, September 25, 2005

Musical Interlude

It was quite a scene. Victoria musician Jeremy Walsh had just decided Friday morning to call up his musical friends and see if they could join him for an impromptu set on the CBC picket line. He showed up with his guitar and Velle, a fiddler with a lilting voice who plays with Barleywick and her own band, the Dragonflies. Two songs in, a man with a long ponytail, pulls up in a cab and joins in playing bass on a washtub and a stick. They're also joined by Sabrina whose voice gives us all chills. Friends and family of Jeremy and the other musicians sat on the grass in front of the station to listen.

People have been so kind to us and so supportive of the CBC broadcasters. Every day it seems at least someone comes by with gifts of food or signed petitions (Thanks Sheila McCullough!)

There have been some discouraging developments in the lockout over the past few days, and Friday we marked six weeks on the picket line -- can you believe it? But the visit from Jeremy and Val and Sabrina and Dale made our small crew feel inspired and grateful and appreciated. Thanks to you all.


To listen to two of the songs select the following links one two


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