Sunday, September 18, 2005

Message from READ

This is a note submitted from Julie Holder, Executive Director Victoria READ Society.

Many, many thanks to the locked out CBC employees for generously giving their time and talents to put on a fundraiser in support of the Victoria READ Society Bursary Fund for Children. To us, this is indicative of the commitment these guys have for their communities. We all know that for most, working at CBC is not just another job in broadcasting. They're there because they want to be involved, they care about their communities, and they want to make a difference. And for READ as an organization, and for me as an individual, they do make a difference. We want them back on air - telling us what's going on in our community, raising the important issues, celebrating our successes when good things happen, and holding people accountable when they don't.

"Reading Between the Lines" was a great evening, not only for the great performances from poets, journalists, musicians, etc., but because we got to hear some of the great voices we've been missing.

Julie Holder,Executive DirectorVictoria READ Society


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